Colposcopy is a way to view the cervix under magnification with a special device – a colposcope.
This, in fact, allows you to see changes in the vagina and cervix, which cannot be seen during a normal examination (without magnification and special staining).

Colposcopy should be performed if there is:

  • papillomas;
  • inflammatory changes (if they are repeated);
  • formations in the cervix;
  • in the oncocytological analysis of precancerous diseases – CIN.

Before the examination, you must refrain from sex for 24 hours, you cannot use tampons, medications, lubricants.
During the examination, several chemicals are sequentially applied to the cervix with a cotton swab in order to better see the areas affected by HPV (human papilloma virus) as well as the vascular patterns. In this way, it is possible to see precisely the places from which small tissue samples – biopsies – must be taken.
All of the above is done with one goal – to detect early changes that indicate cervical cancer.
If the damaged tissue is removed accurately and as gently as possible, the woman may not have to undergo a large-scale operation and will maintain a full life.