Dr. Diāna Hausmane

Dr. Diāna Hausmane

Family doctor

At the Women’s Health Center Dr. Hausman accepts children and adults. It is possible to perform various examinations, as well as receive various reports on the state of health (for school, work, sports, etc.), care of larger and smaller wounds and removal of postoperative sutures, removal of foreign bodies from eyes or ears.

Since 2007, during her studies she has worked as a nurse at the Children’s Clinical University Hospital (BKUS) and the Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital (RAKUS), in the reception block and the operating department. Studies in family medicine residency started in 2017. Starting from 2021, she works as a family doctor, and since March 2022, a doctor on call at VCA.

In 2015, she obtained a doctor’s certificate at the University of Latvia. After graduating from residency at the University of Latvia in 2022, she obtained a certificate as a family (general practice) doctor.


LJAĀ (Latvian Association of Young Doctors)

GAA (Association of Family Physicians)