Dr. Ludmila Grīnvalde

Dr. Ludmila Grīnvalde

Gynecologist, obstetrician with certificate in gynecological ultrasonography

Operating physician-gynecologist and obstetrician. Obtained additional qualifications in oncogynecology, as well as in obstetrics and gynecological diagnostics with ultrasonography.

The doctor has a lot of outpatient experience, long-term skills and knowledge in ultrasonography and childbirth assistance, which are used on a daily basis in the gynecological practice, as well as when working as an emergency medical doctor in the obstetrics and gynecology department.

The doctor is a member of the Latvian Association of Physicians, a member of the Latvian Association of Gynecologists and Obstetricians, as well as a member of the Ultrasonography subsection of this association.

The doctor received her education at the Yaroslavl Medical Institute, Russia. Knowledge is regularly updated in training courses, as well as by participating in conferences and seminars held in Latvia and abroad on current issues in gynecology and obstetrics, emergency assistance in childbirth, resuscitation of newborns, oncogynecology and other topics.

Twice participated in on-the-job training at a women’s clinic in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, where she improved her skills in ultrasonographic examination, operations and obstetrics.