A midwife advises pregnant women, new mothers and their families during the birth and postpartum period, as well as supports and provides practical help in situations where questions or complications arise related to self-care, breastfeeding and newborn care.

The midwife provides the following services:

  • Lectures in a group (3 – 8 people) on preparation for childbirth and its progress; on the physiology of breastfeeding,
    its initiation and successful continuation; for appropriate care of the newborn, dressing him,
    lifting and carrying, taking into account the requirements of the newborn’s age.
  • Consultations (individually or for a couple) on interesting issues related to childbirth,
    postpartum period, self-care, breastfeeding and newborn.
  • Postpartum home visits to help you understand the changes in your body after giving birth
    and learn how to provide adequate self-care; gain confidence in caring for a newborn; to solve
    unclear questions or complications arising from breastfeeding.

The birth of a baby can be a confusing and worrying moment for any family! We will try to provide answers, help and support so that you become safer and more confident in taking care of yourself and your newborn!