In today’s fast, active rhythm of life, it is important for every woman to find and choose the ideal contraception that suits her, in order to feel safe and confident, to be able to plan both family growth and build a successful career.

Today, a woman has the opportunity to choose between several methods:

hormonal contraception methods:

  • tablets
  • patch
  • vaginal ring
  • implant

vaginal method:

  • spermicides


long-term contraception:

  • intrauterine spirals (copper, silver, gold)
  • hormonal intrauterine coils
  • hormonal mini spiral

barrier method:

  • condom

calendar method

All methods have different effectiveness, safety and effect on a woman’s body.
In this choice, our clinic doctors will always help you with advice and answer all unclear questions.

We will advise on preparation for the growth of the family, on the desired general examinations before a planned pregnancy.